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Vampire Craft - Entities!

See a description of the main entities in the Vampire Craft addon!


Vampires can be divided into two categories:

  • Common: Common vampires appear all over the world. And although some are stronger than others, they are still considered common.
  • Unique: Vampires like the vampire mage and others are considered unique. Because each of them has their own characteristics.


Werewolves can be divided into a hierarchy of strength and color:

  • White: White werewolves are the weakest, they have a high chance of appearing all over the world.
  • Gray/Gray: They are stronger than white werewolves, but have a less moderate chance of appearing worldwide.
  • Black: The strongest are black or dark-skinned, have a low chance of appearing around the world, can be found most easily in the Black forest.


There are three types of human in the Vampire Craft:

  • Hunters: They usually hunt monsters and appear everywhere in the world.Even in the Black forest.
  • Hunters/Members of royalty: They appear in Villas and protect them from monsters and invasions. Unlike hunters, they are only found in other parts of the world on specific occasions.
  • Hunters/Members of the Church: They appear almost everywhere in the world, but encounters with them are rare and they exchange useful items. And they have the strongest hunters.

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