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Vampire Craft - Environments!

See everything that the addon uses to set this world of vampires and werewolves


  • Black forest

The black forest, is the new biome that the addon addon, in it at night has a great incidence of monsters and structure. A dangerous place, but with rewards that are worth the risk.

  • Artificial black forest

It transforms the common environment into a black forest, interacts with trees, vegetation and entities. It has the same characteristics as the original biome, but the entities appear less frequently.

The artificial biome can be made using the Environment Vampirizer, by filling it with werewolf blood or liver it will transform an area of 60 blocks.


The addon adds some new structures, see the main ones below:

  • Camp

A tent where one or two hunters stay.

  • House of the hunter

A large two-story house, on the ground floor it is possible to find a plantation and on the next floor has basic items and equipment for survival. It can appear in the black forest, in the plains and forests

  • Cemetery

A place with several tombstones and a secret. She has two versions, one appearing only in the black forest and the other appearing only in the plains

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