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Vampire Craft - Thirst for blood!


Have you ever wanted to be a vampire? Now you can! The vampire craft addon is inspired by a famous java mod with the same theme. In it it is possible to transform into a vampire, drink blood, unlock various abilities, among other things. Only ours allows all this with the possibility of becoming a werewolf.

About the addon

Vampire Craft is a Minecraft Bedrock addon, created in 2019 by @pedro_denovo. Since then, it has held the position of a flagship addon within Sunrise.

It was one of the first vampire addons created for Minecraft Bedrock. It has a large fan base and receives updates fairly frequently.


The addon is completely free, if you have read enough click here to be redirected directly to the download link. If you have any problems with the download page, please find a link to our discord server where we can support you!

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